May we gather in a cathedral made of water and mud
where the heart beats like a drum
and the humming is made devoid of human voice.
The laboratories obsolete now give away their secrets
collected in iced pearls that once cascaded from mountains.

In Deep Brown Sea the world is simple and enormous. It is a giant vessel that is largely empty and every move and word echo for years. There are no transitions, nothing is to be arranged or to be accounted for. The words they come and they are true, full. At this muddy underwater level there is no consequence. Action is devoid of reaction and so there is nothing that has to be done. Deep Brown Sea is a solo performance for The Wheel. The Wheel creates performances through radical handling of poetry and dance.

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They are strangers these tides of the season
and we must rear providence in the mist,
mimic the pure green in exotic birds.

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