Billie Hanne composes dance and poetry in instant choreographies, provocative poetics in the spur of the moment to which vision and instinct are key. The body.
She examines human intimacy with space, time, object and light. Through radical handling of voice and dance she weaves together different textures, tales and geometrics that penetrate skill with grace and lyrical power with rhythm. Her phrasing is quick-witted telling through the body as well as through its utterances, its vocals. In her practice she reimagines tradition and pushes the boundaries of the artform through blending and morphing myth, story, with the body in motion and the physical, material reality of the composition.
Her pieces are spiritual architectures that layer dissonant forces. Her work is shown at different venues from independent studios to established theatres, to galleries and industrial sites. She is based in Brussels (BE), a multi-layered city with a dark undercurrent and a deep sense of humour.


As a growing soloist Billie Hanne softly and clearly outlines her artistic material. Here she gives fully to her unique vocal and poetic potential to have verse originate from the dancing body and its choreographic produce. By attending to the spatial construct of the performance space, by arranging, rearranging, manipulating, or intervening in its point or points of view the audience is allowed the emotional space to access the piece immediately and unconditionally - if they wish. In recent shows she has worked on strengthening the interconnective poetic tissue of the performances as a whole.
Her first solo work 'Hamlet in Palace' dates from 2012. This piece was shown in London, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels and Berlin. After this she made a number one off works, namely 'Johnny on the Run' (2014), 'Hermit Blueprint' (2014) and 'Lightning' (2015). She is currently refining her sixth solo 'Daisy'. The solo 'Deep Brown Sea' premiered in January 2015 and is on tour. So far the work has been shown in Amsterdam, Brussels, Den Haag, London, Thessaloniki and Egilsstadir (Iceland).


Billie & Wheelgod (from 2012) is a structure and catalyst for producing choreographies that fulfill poetic directives.
It dedicates to destruction of image and in doing so it gives birth to organic and rich compositions. Distinct, actual, physical and ethereal at the same time. It presents the refined body in motion in space, the matrix in which action and speech take place. Through having each individual gesture and unit of poetry engage with its primal meaning the created pieces weave a seminal imagery from the produced material; this happening from different dancers composing with abandon and precision at the same time. As a director Billie Hanne guides dancers to make choreographies and verse that meet the demands of the piece, that concretise and next, indeed, go beyond the initial vision. Here the imagined can result in an amplified reality provided by decor, lights and costume. Here one makes in the company of others.
Currently Billie & Wheelgod is on tour with a work for four dancers titled 'Melchior' (2015-2016). 'All for Big B!', a duet shown in January of 2016, is being further developed in the course of 2017. Earlier pieces are 'Map of Antarctica' (2014), 'Nature' (2014), 'Horse/Moist' (2012-2013) and 'Minor Arcana' (2012)


Billie takes pleasure in joining with different artists. In exploring, creating, developing, work with others in company pieces, collaborative set ups or other she broadens her vision and interests. At the same time this enables her to further specifie her art. Since 2009 she performs in Allens Line - Julyen Hamilton Company. She took part in the early triptych 'The Arrival - The Voyage - Local Talk' (2009-2012). After that the company made 'i smooth crimson' (2012-2013) and 'Goat Ocean' (2013-2015). Currently they are touring with 'Mud Like Gold' (2015-2016).
In 2016 she made a performance with vibraphoneplayer Els Vandeweyer. An artistic encounter she hopes to be the beginning of a longer proces of making work together. She has performed in two duets with dancer Paolo Cingolani, 'Il Fish' (2015) and the short piece 'Land' (2016). She is invited to work on 'Emergence of Place', a piece directed by dancer Roberta Štěpánková, which is to premiere in Slovakia in the spring of 2017 and involves a number of Slovak artists from different disciplines.
Billie Hanne has written four poetry albums, 'Saved/Unsaved The Rainbow' (2012), 'Wild Flight' (2013), 'John' (2014) and 'Poems' (2016). All published by KaTaPULT publishing (BE). In the summer of 2015 her first performance dvd of the solo Lightning was released on the Blue Dog label (SP) in limited edition.

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