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John turned his petals, glinting, and flashed his eyes.
He disembarked from the prattling voices of the day,
from the tick-tack of time to pluck the fruits of the ocean,
to glean the jewels off the surface
and float on the depths of the dark blue.
With the crown of his power wilting he washed his feet
in a bath that held the promise of humanity.

Photo by Patrick Beelaert

Johnny On the Run holds the seeds of poetry and writes dance upon plains that mirror the sky. Dance soon dispersed by the rippling wind.
John is a name. John is the matter. A realm of four letters and a window through which one can see the articulate, the coronary, the flood and the drought. Full of meaning the spoken word starts from its most literal sense from where its life begins.

Dance, Poetry: Billie Hanne
Lights: Sylvain Formatché
With the support of Blue Zone Performances

BRUSSELS - Blue Zone Performances